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ok, so which blog should we follow?

this one! :) 

April 23 1 note
Title: Sophie
Artist: Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Played: 594 times

Then you whispered in my ear
"I am lost but you are here…"

April 23 86 notes
Title: Blud
Artist: Soak
Played: 636 times

I’m in your blood
You’re in my blood
Let’s just forget…

April 23 81 notes
Ahh well I figured I'd let you know in case you weren't aware! Haha. Glad you're still on tumblr, though, really love the music :)

no problem i appreciate it hah, thank you so much! :) 

April 23
Title: Dissolve Me
Artist: Alt-J (∆)
Played: 2600 times

She makes the sound 
The sea makes
To calm me down…

April 23 751 notes
What you can do for the other blogs - they're secondary blogs, right? Just make another account or use another account you already have and add the new account as a "member" of the blog. After you do that, you can "leave" the blog under the reported account. That way you can switch all of the other blogs onto a completely different account without actually deleting the blogs or having to change anything. :)

I know lol i just discovered that and was talking to my friend about it on how dumb i was but im just going to stick with this account theres no point in going back when i deleted all the songs and asked all of you to refollow me :P 

April 23
You could have reposted the songs you deleted probably. I make edits of songs, and I had gotten reported a few times. I left notes on the ones that I had to repost, and the reports completely stopped.

i’ll repost some songs on this account, im logged into a different email right now i just didn’t want to risk all my other blogs getting deleted on my other email if that makes sense 

April 23 1 note
Title: Midnight
Artist: Barcelona
Played: 940 times

Curled around you babe,
You’re lost in your head,
I get lost in your word.

April 23 152 notes
Is there a reason you got rid of a bunch of old songs?

Nicole deleted them all just to be safe! Because she had three strikes for copyright and was afraid her main blog would be deleted if she didn’t :( 

April 23
Title: Falling
Artist: Haim
Played: 1282 times

And nothing’s gonna wake me now
Cause I’m a slave to the sound…

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