Title: I Belong In Your Arms
Artist: Chairlift
Played: 714 times

All of me, honestly 
Is dedicated to hold you…

119 notes  April 19
Title: In My Place
Artist: Coldplay
Played: 1172 times

I was scared, I was scared
I was tired and unprepared…

391 notes  April 19
young-n-freckless: sooooooooooooo in love with your blog it's perfect i havent found a music blog as well organized as yours, and your taste is wonderful 

thank you so much, thats so sweet! :)

2 notes  April 18
Title: It's OK With Me
Artist: Manchester Orchestra
Played: 11492 times

And I know I’m not what you need
But it’s okay, yeah it’s okay with me…

609 notes  April 18
Title: Without Words
Artist: Ray LaMontagne
Played: 9974 times

They don’t know you like I do…

216 notes  April 17
Title: Long Way Down
Artist: Tom Odell
Played: 2946 times

So honey don’t leave, don’t leave
Please don’t leave me now…

436 notes  April 17
Title: Simple As This
Artist: Jake Bugg
Played: 1258 times

I’ve been falling, crashing, breaking
All the while you stood here waiting…

183 notes  April 17
Title: Cabin Down Below
Artist: The Royal Concept
Played: 966 times

Close enough to touch
But I want it all too much…

112 notes  April 17
Anonymous: I swear this blog is the greatest. 

Thank you so much!

5 notes  April 16
Title: Jump Into The Fog (Acoustic Version)
Artist: The Wombats
Played: 1654 times

I’ve made some bad decisions, i’ll admit that freely
It’s just that life tastes sweeter, when it’s wrapped in debauchery…

200 notes  April 16